Mediated Density: The Indirect Relationship Between U.S. State Public Policy and PACs, with Jennifer Benz, Virginia Gray, David Lowery, Jennifer Sykes, and Mary Deason

Abstract: How does the demand for lobbying reflected by government policy activity influence the use of lobbying strategies and tactics? The authors examine this question by assessing how the complexity of the policy space affects the political action committee (PAC) system. They hypothesize that the complexity of the policy space indirectly affects the size and activity of the PAC system through its direct effect on interest organization density. The authors test this hypothesis within the health sector using a unique data set that connects individual interest organizations registered to lobby U.S. state legislatures with active PACs in the state. It appears that social, economic, and political measures of policy space complexity influence the size of the lobbying community, which in turn influences the size and activity of the PAC community.

Published: State Politics and Policy Quarterly. 2011. Vol 11 (4).

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